I am still getting through all my images, but I've plenty of time to ponder the experience and how the OMD EM1 played into my shooting experience and the results.  Before I get into that, let's review the goals I set for myself. 

  • 1 shot showing the intensity of the race
  • 1 shot showing the atmosphere
  • 1 really good portrait of one of the racers
  • Shoot one of the daily races on film

So....How'd I do?  Honestly, crappy if you measure my trip based on the goals I set out. When I got to the event and got caught up in the excitement, my mind and intuition just took over but let's review anyway. 

I think I got several shots showing the intensity of the race. That said, I did not really get many battles between racers. I sort of followed the lead folks around the course and they honestly, were sort battling themselves more than each other.


I ended up shooting more of the racers instead of the atmosphere. Again, I got caught up in the race and didn't spend hardly anytime shooting people or the atmosphere. The race became the atmosphere for me.  


I had a vision to be at the start line and shoot some portraits of racers looking all stoic and checking each other out. I never ended up doing that.  I also never shot the end of the race and the race gathering after the race.  I just shot the racing. 

Film? Am I crazy? In all honesty I am sort of bummed but these races are short and fast and I ended up ignoring film. I didn't shoot any. That's OK, another time I guess.  So here are my 10 favorite shots over two days of racing. I shot the U23 Men, the Collegiate Woman, the Junior Men, the Pro Women and the Pro Men.  I hope you enjoy them.

Again, hope you enjoyed them. It was tough narrowing them down and honestly, I went by my gut quick reaction to the images. I'm certain as I live with the images some more, I will find some that could break into my top 10.  

In the near future, I will also share my thoughts on the EM1 as a "sports" camera. Stay tuned.